Drucquer & Sons: Trafalgar 100g

Product Number: 003-756-0011

Drucquer & Sons Trafalgar: A classic mixture, Trafalgar sets smooth, exotically spicy Turkish tobaccos in perfect balance with a variety of fine bright and red Virginia leaf, and just enough Latakia for an elegant "English" style, with a crisp, dry taste and a subtle campfire-like aroma. The result is a rich, stylish tobacco with lots of character, and enough complexity to keep the smoker engaged throughout the bowl, and throughout the day.

- Gregory Pease

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Drucquer tins were never vacuum packed.
May 09, 2017
Product: Drucquer & Sons Trafalgar 100g
Alan S, I'm sorry if you don't find enough latakia presence in this one. There's actually quite a bit in the blend, but the relatively low percentage of oriental leaf can sometimes make it seem like there's less latakia than there is. These two tobac... Read More
January 13, 2017
Product: Drucquer & Sons Trafalgar 100g
What a blend, deep and full of flavors. NIce job Greg!!!
Pinnacle of Pipe Tobacco
April 25, 2018
Product: Drucquer & Sons Trafalgar 100g
This is just excellent tobacco Greg. Thanks for making it.
First Impression
March 14, 2018
Product: Drucquer & Sons Trafalgar 100g
I smoked my first bowl of Trafalgar last night, and I have to say, it's a very enjoyable smoke from start to finish; it's very smooth and well behaved. Thank you Mr. Pease for producing such a lovely blend.
Where is the Latakia?
September 27, 2016
Product: Drucquer & Sons Trafalgar 100g
As with The Devil's Own there is barely any discernible Latakia. Just enough seems to be not enough for me. Not vacuum packed. The Original Tins were.
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