Lane Limited: BL/WB Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 005-006-0004

BL/WB Burley Light without a bite from Lane is a breakthrough in pipe tobaccos. Here`s a Burley blend without Burley`s traditional bite and with Lane Limited`s fabulous aroma. This unique blend is not for the Cavendish smoker, but the person who likes Burley.
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  • Components: Burley
  • Family: Burley
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (25 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.62 out of 5 stars
Big Love (for) White Burley.
October 08, 2018
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
I'm still learning what I do and don't like about Burley blends. I've struggled to understand what others find so appealing about them for years. But by continuing to try them, I'm getting there. I'm fascinated by Burley's versatility. Able to absorb... Read More
Nice surprise - mellow, smooth, bekoning slight toasty sugar sweetness, with light Burley nuttiness. Kills Ready Rubbed IMO.
July 27, 2018
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
[Tin/bag - Nice dark sugary aroma, then it gets a little allspice or some toasty spice in there. A certain something in there that I do not like for it being a little sickening sweetness - gag reflex way down in belly just a tad. Very fluffy, small... Read More
An outstanding....
August 06, 2016
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
And pleasant all day smoke. This Burley gets better with at least 6 months of aging. I would consider this Burley too be on the light side and easy on the tongue even if you smoke your pipe like a freight train!!! I also do a 50/50 blend with BCA...o... Read More
Very Solid "OTC" Style Blend
February 05, 2018
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
These notes are my first impressions of BLWB. I’ve only had a few bowls of this, so far. I’m using it to break in my brand new Gardesana Bianca Lovat pipe. I’ve also had a large bowl in a meershaum. I suspect I’ll get to like it more over time. I agr... Read More
Very Good.
January 22, 2017
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
A pure Burley tobacco with a light toping that I believe is the same as used on McClelland 2000. Like it says, no bite. Stays lit, tastes great and the aroma is very pleasant. A good all day burley.
Best when mixed
September 25, 2023
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
I enjoy BL/WB, but I like it even more when you mix it with Lane BCA in a 2:1 ratio.
Lovely & Light
April 15, 2021
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
5 stars for doing exactly what it claims to do: a great light burley "aromatic" OTC flavor. This isn't intended to destroy G.L. Pease or C&D in the flavor department. It's a nice light vanilla "Lane" flavored "codger blen... Read More
March 10, 2017
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
This has got to be the best burley I've tried! Nice light to medium, bit of nutty sweetness, we have a winner.
A Mild All-Day Smoke
May 30, 2015
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
Good for those times when you don't feel like being overpowered by your tobacco.
Light & Mild
March 16, 2021
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
Light taste, light aroma and no bite as advertised. No nicotine hit.
Light and Bland
February 04, 2021
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
I enjoy many of Lane's products, and most of them do a remarkable job of using toppings to compliment the nuance of various tobaccos - not sublimate them. This one however, failed. So imagine my surprise and disappointment when this one came across a... Read More
July 08, 2019
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
I’m such a massive fan of Sir Walter Raleigh. It’s my favorite tobacco blend. This offering from Lane, BL/WB, has the similar granola cut as well as that delicious brown sugar and licorice flavor. It’s a very close match to SWR but with an odd coconu... Read More
Very tastefull 5+
January 26, 2019
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
It it better than toasted burlwy, I love it nutty, mild nic, and tastefull, recomenddd!!!
Not quite
August 06, 2017
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
I've been searching for a burley to take the place of the late, lamented Lane's 303–Burley cube. This one is as good as I've smoked. And believe me, I've tried a lot of them.
Sweet & Smooth
November 11, 2012
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
A nice tobacco, in a pleasant sunny afternoon kind of way. The body of the smoke is medium, tending towards light sometimes; nicely soft. Meanwhile, the flavour is quite robust -- an overall impression of milky-ness is constituted by a mellow nutty... Read More
February 08, 2024
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
Excellent light smoke. I mix a little bca in sometimes. But great as is
It's OK, but nothing more
December 25, 2023
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
Taste is ok, but it's too light, too smooth and inexpressive. Not for those who prefer intense and vivid taste of strong and mature Burley, though it's still smokable. May be good for beginners in smoking or for folk prefering really mild and overs... Read More
Burley for Breakfast
January 13, 2023
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
This is a very solid "breakfast blend", always a great choice for your first pipe of the day. Bowl of cereal? No thanks. Have a bowl of BL/WB instead to start your day the right way. Pairs well with coffee!
good to go.
December 05, 2022
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
Jar note of coconut, vanilla, and earth. The brown Ready Rubbed tobacco is moist and may need a little drying. Burns moderately with few relights. The strength is mild and nic is mild. Flavoring is mild, with notes of vanilla, no idea where the cocon... Read More
April 09, 2022
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
The smoothest and mildest tobacco I've ever smoked. Its not bursting with flavor, but whatever flavor is there is pleasant; nice and sweet. Yes, there is no bite.
Beautiful Luscious / Wonderful Burley
February 05, 2022
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
This blend lives up to it's name or at least its initials...Without Bite. in addition,it is very satisfying and flavorful. I disagree with Smoking Pipes designations for both Strength and Taste and would rate both one notch higher at 3 dots. Regardin... Read More
Not for me
January 13, 2022
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
There's a note in the flavor profile that is sickeningly sweet and turns my stomach. Hard pass for me.
What's in a name?
May 16, 2021
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
The name says it all, Burly light without the bite. It Is smooth and flavorful. Great room note and quality all Burley blend. Great aroma and initial flavor on lighting. I can see why some think it could be cloyingly sweet. I don't have that challeng... Read More
Decent 3 star smoke
February 10, 2019
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
Slightly moist, a bit of dry time may suit your taste as it did mine. Aromas of raspberry and some nuttiness. Takes a few attempts for a proper light but stays lit well enough. Very mild body and very mild taste. The topping comes through a bit more ... Read More
Lane Limited BL/WB
April 26, 2013
Product: Lane Limited BL/WB Bulk
BLWB; Star Rating = 4; Rating Scores - 10 is the Best and 0 is the Worst; Pouch Note = 8; Room Note = 8; Flavor = 8; Bite = 7; Burn = 7; After Taste = 7; Raw Score = 45; Rated Percentage = 75%; Comment = Mild, Smooth, great Bite Free Burley Flav... Read More
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