Low Country: Guendalose 2oz

Product Number: 003-384-0008

Low Country's Guendalose is the fifth entry into our proprietary line of pipe tobaccos:

Along the historic Waccamaw River, roughly five miles inland from the coast of rural South Carolina, and just downstream of Brookgreen Island, lies a quiet, remote creek by the name of Guendalose. On quiet summer nights, it offers locals a much-needed bit of solitude, and countless moments of calm reflection.

Paying tribute to this secluded creek, and to those moments of gentle respite, we have selected choice Red and Bright Virginias, our own Red Virginia Cavendish, fine Katerini Turkish leaf, a dash of spicy Perique, and exquisite cigar leaf to fashion a blend that readily evokes the flavors of a full-bodied, Nicaraguan cigar.

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  • Components: Cigar, Orientals, Perique, Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Ribbon
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4.00 out of 5 stars
Mr Wilford and team
March 28, 2018
Product: Low Country Guendalose 2oz
I Should have closed by saying Mr. Wilford and team.Good blend.
Good After A Rich Meal
March 28, 2018
Product: Low Country Guendalose 2oz
I bought mine from Low Country Tobacco on my drive back to Virginia Beach from Charleston,SC.Good with coffee after a rich meal.I ,am smoking it in a canted Ashton Dublin that I have been smoking the hell out of all day long.Would be interesting as a... Read More
Cigars all the way down
July 20, 2016
Product: Low Country Guendalose 2oz
Excellent smoke! Cigar leaf prominent from the beginning and persists throughout the bowl. Flavor strong, but not harsh and well balanced by the other components. Definitely earns its “4 dot” ratings. The nicotine level is, shall we say, robust?! Don... Read More
Guendalose review
July 07, 2016
Product: Low Country Guendalose 2oz
Good stuff. Love it and will probably order some more when my trial tin is finished! I would like to add that I would buy this by the pound if it was sold in bulk.
Cigar Lovers Unite
July 02, 2020
Product: Low Country Guendalose 2oz
You can smell and taste the cigar in this blend. All those nuances get through despite your senses being tainted from the first drag.
Very Impressive
April 17, 2020
Product: Low Country Guendalose 2oz
Been on a cigar blend kick for a few months now. None of them tastes or smells like a cigar. Guendalose doesn't taste like a cigar either but it is a warm and creamy smoke. This blend gets high marks in strength, room note and taste. It is suppose to... Read More
Cigar leaf stands out
January 30, 2020
Product: Low Country Guendalose 2oz
This is a good strong blend. The cigar leaf definitely stands out over the other component tobacco, but doesn't overpower them. It is strong, but I didn't get the nicotine hit described by others. I will have to try other Low Country blends.
Snake Bite!!!
July 17, 2016
Product: Low Country Guendalose 2oz
Let me start off by saying: this September will be 47 years smoking a pipe. The good about this blend: spicy, like eating a good taco. The bad: burns to fast and caused a severe tongue bite. This blend is NOT for the inexperienced pipe smoker!!! Smok... Read More
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