Low Country: Waccamaw 2oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-384-0001

Named and blended for Smokingpipes' brick-and-mortar store Low Country Pipe and Cigar in Little River, South Carolina, Low Country pipe tobaccos are all crafted by Cornell & Diehl — also located in South Carolina. They're blended to be classic, easy-smoking mixtures, honoring South Carolina's historic Lowcountry and named for some of the region's iconic rivers.

Named for the Native American tribe and part of the Pee Dee River Basin, the Waccamaw River begins in North Carolina and flows southwest into South Carolina before entering Winyah Bay near Georgetown. It offers extensive wetlands for local wildlife and has become an iconic symbol for Horry County, where Smokingpipes and Low Country Pipe and Cigar are located. As a pipe tobacco blend, Waccamaw is a definitive Virginia-Perique flake enhanced by a dash of Izmir Orientals.

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  • Components: Virginia, Perique, Orientals
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Broken Flake
Customer Reviews (27 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.43 out of 5 stars
Beautiful VaPer
April 10, 2017
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
This broken flake is very nearly the best tobacco I've ever smoked. The tin (can?) note is sweet and raisiny just as it should be, but the addition of Turkish leaf elevates it. Lights easily, burns nicely, and consistently tastes wonderful. The quali... Read More
Delightful VaPer
November 02, 2019
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
The mildness of the virginias showcase delightfully peppery perique tobacco, but aren't overshadowed. There's a nice brown sugar and sweet hay flavor that builds as you get midway through the bowl. The oriental notes are more subtle. Burns quite cool... Read More
August 23, 2023
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
Enchanting, relaxing, satisfying. Should win some kind of an award. SUBLIME.
great blend
February 13, 2023
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
Nice peppery sweet start with a nice spice and smooth creamy smoke. So far every Low Country blend has been excellent. This blend is bringing lots of flavor and good manners in the bowl. The blend does a great balancing act of staying between sweet a... Read More
June 06, 2023
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
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Not sure yet
November 01, 2022
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
I have had several bowls from a fresh tin and I have not been able to connect with it yet. The tin note is malt and bread, very pleasant. Moisture level is very high. Flake cut is perfect. Color is on dark side. The initial light is heavy and musty... Read More
Me Again...Mr English maven
January 05, 2020
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
Huh. Had a bottle of Provance Esprit Rebelle Rosé to sip on. A Latakia heavy blend would never do between the sips. This blend is wonderful! Solid Virginia with a nice peppery retro-hale. Sips so nice. Stays nice in the saddle throughout the bowl. ... Read More
Perfect balance
March 18, 2015
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
I have been enjoying a slow transition from many English-style tobaccos to Virginias. After reading up on this company and the blends, I figured it best to order a tin. It smokes well right out of the tin. Smells of honey, lemon, apricot and hay. It ... Read More
April 11, 2024
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
The nic-hit is almost medium
February 04, 2024
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
No chance of bite, harshness, or dullness. When I popped the tin of this blend I was greeted by a wonderful smell. Sweet, sour, spicy, with lesser notes of fruit.
Good Flake
October 14, 2023
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
While nothing stand out this blend is a solid VaPer the tin I opened had just over a year of age and is a very mellow and smooth. The only downside to this is the perique is pretty subtle and not a big player and not sure I care for the added orienta... Read More
February 22, 2023
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
Tin note of tangy raisins, sweet pungent and spices. Tobacco is a broken flake of reddish brown with a little dark brown and a little tan. Moisture content is ok, some pipe smokers will want to dry it a bit. Burns slow with a few extra relights. The ... Read More
Good stuff.
August 04, 2022
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
Just got mine. No bite and smells good burning. Smooth
May 15, 2022
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
Waccyourmaw, waccamole, waccadoodledandy… Pronunciation varies, but presentation and delivery are steady and outstanding!! The tin note is that of a barnyard, which I like, and the taste is very earthy with a touch of pepper, also glorious. Do yourse... Read More
A "local" winner..
September 07, 2019
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
I call it "local" because I live just 2 hours drive north of Little River in Sampson County, NC. Always enjoy a visit down to the Low Country Pipe and Cigar store in our sister state. This blend really took me by surprise. I love VaPers, bu... Read More
Zippy Virginia/perique/orientals
November 05, 2018
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
This has a nice tangy and sharp zing to it. A nice medium strength va-per that’s really enlivened by the addition of tangy oriental leaf. I’d say it’s very similar to both embarcadero and Sunday picnic. More perique than embarcadero, a bit less than ... Read More
Great smoke
October 09, 2017
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
Very smooth smoke, subtle flavors and easy to light. I enjoy it very much and look forward to trying the other Low Country blends. If they're all as good as Waccamaw, I won't be disappointed.
Damn Good Smoke!
May 20, 2017
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
What an outstanding blend! I really enjoy the way the flavors come together for something smooth and a taste all it's own. Well done!
My New #1 GoTo Blend
January 05, 2017
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
As the original blender of C&D's Orion's Arrow, (which I obtained assistance in naming by C&D), I have adopted your Waccamaw which is very much similar in its constitution, albeit much tastier).The balance of flavors is brought to fore by the... Read More
Very Good Virginia
September 11, 2016
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
I don't have a golden pallet like some of the reviewers,but the flavor is very good.Recieved some as a sample in a zip lock bag,and let it set there a few months while I was away at work.It had a chance to dry out some during this time.Upon returning... Read More
This blend deserves more love
February 12, 2016
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
Really good, solid vaper. I won't go into depth, but the VA's are fruity and the perique isn't too strong, but there. All around good smoke, I'm surprised I don't see or hear more about this blend.
Ideal Consistency
October 05, 2015
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
I wrote the review "perfect balance", and now my review is even more balanced simply because I'm on my 2nd tin and the taste is just as I remember it. Something of amazement is how the tobacco, feeling moist and crumbly, smokes so well righ... Read More
Deliciously creamy smoke!!!!
April 18, 2014
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
Another great blend from Low Country!!!! At the tin wonderful creamy virginias greets you inviting to enjoy. The smoke has a subtle piquancy that is delicious and complements perfectly the marriage of virginias and oriental leafs. It is a cool, cream... Read More
Virginia Bliss
December 04, 2012
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
This is a wonderful smoke. I picked up a sample at the pipe show in Richmond,VA 2012 and have just sat down to give it a smoke and could not be more impressed. I prefer Virginia Blends more in the summer season but due to the warm weather we are hav... Read More
Very nearly perfect
November 23, 2012
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
As a Vaper lover of long years standing, I've grown accustomed to the notion that all Vapers are pretty much alike. This one is different. I've never encountered a tobacco so friendly and easy to smoke, yet with such deeply satisfying flavors and c... Read More
Nice flake....
August 15, 2012
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
This tobacco gives the Virginia flake smoker what he's expecting and adds just enough variation from the norm to prove interesting and noteworthy. Once you've smoked a tin, a repeat order is nearly certain.
Hauntingly Wonderful,
August 04, 2012
Product: Low Country Waccamaw 2oz
In the tin this smells like a very nice pure Virginia falke. Smells of Malty,hay,tangy and creamy. The right moisture level right out of the tin, the flakes are soft and pliable and load with the greatest of ease. After the lighting ritual this tobac... Read More
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