Solani: Tropical Flake-639 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-061-0018

Solani's Tropical Flake is a dark flake with a high proportion rich black Cavendish, bright Virginias from Brazil, and nutty Burley. Highly aromatic, fruity taste of ripe passion fruit, combined with wild mango.
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  • Components: Virginia, Burley, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Flake
Customer Reviews (11 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.73 out of 5 stars
Wonderful tropical blend
May 05, 2018
Product: Solani Tropical Flake-639 50g
Since the end of McClelland's Tropical I've been searching for a replacement. This blend does just that. I like it more actually. The flavor is just right, but not strong. I get hints of the fruit flavors I'm expecting, and after each puff I want mor... Read More
Great Burn, Average Taste
April 05, 2019
Product: Solani Tropical Flake-639 50g
I dried this flake for a couple days, and it lit and burned like a dream. No relighting needed. It had a sweet raisin aroma in the tin, but it had very little to no flavor. Still a pleasant smoke and I liked the flake cut of this.
October 10, 2018
Product: Solani Tropical Flake-639 50g
A year later and I am upping my review, it's aged and darkened nicely and much sweeter.
Somewhere on a beach :)
July 25, 2018
Product: Solani Tropical Flake-639 50g
First opened the tin to be greeted by an AMAZING fruit smell, mango, slight hints of vanilla while still being able to detect all the wonderful Virgina and burley! Smoke slow might bite a little bit.
Go orange!
December 28, 2021
Product: Solani Tropical Flake-639 50g
Sometimes, you just want to get orange. This is a serious flake with a strong profile, but with the citrus addition it becomes as tame as a glass of OJ. I just LOVE the way this smells! Towards the finish the citrus takes a backseat to the pressed to... Read More
Unique and complex aromatic
September 13, 2019
Product: Solani Tropical Flake-639 50g
This is the best aromatic for non aromatic smokers. I have been trying to find an aromatic that i enjoy or can at least tolerate because my girlfriend loves the smell of aromatics and hates the smell of everything I smoke. I don't like the taste of ... Read More
Ready for a smok-cation?
February 19, 2019
Product: Solani Tropical Flake-639 50g
This is a nice aromatic for those that don’t like aros. Smokes like any other VaBur with a very natural flavored topping. The hint of mango, which is more present in the tin than it is in the taste or room, is very natural. Not at all the chemica... Read More
Not exactly paradise.
January 17, 2019
Product: Solani Tropical Flake-639 50g
Solani makes some truly delicious tobaccos. However, the Tropical Mango Flake didn't do it for me flavor-wise. Strong fruity flavors can and often do ruin a perfectly good tobacco. I'm not saying it's a bad flake, I leave room for others to find out ... Read More
Solon blend 639
December 30, 2018
Product: Solani Tropical Flake-639 50g
A pleasant tropical aromatic, light flavors of mango and passionfruit are present in every puff without obscuring the tobaccos too much. Sweet, spicy virginias and rich nutty burleys interplay harmoniously with the malty, tangy, fruit steamed cavendi... Read More
January 24, 2016
Product: Solani Tropical Flake-639 50g
This was my first tin of flake cut tobacco. The roomnote is very nice. I am still working on being consistent with packing and I have been experimenting with a few different methods. The flavor is nice and mild and a nice change from a lot of the sim... Read More
Not Your Typical Aromatic
June 09, 2015
Product: Solani Tropical Flake-639 50g
The tin note was wonderful, very light and fruity with mango dominating. For someone like me who dislikes the flowery smell of many aromatics, this was a welcome change. Using the fold and stuff method, I loaded up my Meerschaum with tobacco straight... Read More