Captain Earle's: Nightwatch 8oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-463-0011

Captain James Earle first took to sea at age 12, embarking on a life-long passion that saw him ascend to the rank of Master of the Charles W. Morgan, the last of the wooden whaling ships, currently docked in Mystic, Connecticut. Manufactured by Cornell & Diehl, Captain Earle's pipe tobaccos pay tribute to his legacy, each blend in the series alluding to an important time in his life.

Captain Earle's Nightwatch pipe tobacco is deep, rich, and full of smoky Latakia — blended with Orientals, Virginias, and Perique. This old-fashioned crumble cake is the perfect choice for quiet, contemplative moments whether standing the night watch on the deck of a clipper ship or in the comfort of your study.

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Captain Earle's: Nightwatch 2oz Nightwatch 2oz
  • Components: Virginia, Latakia, Perique, Orientals
  • Family: English
  • Cut: Cake
Customer Reviews (18 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.31 out of 5 stars
Top shelf
December 22, 2017
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
This stuff is great. In just a few short days this stuff has become my main smoke. And im a virginia smoker. I will be buying an 8oz here soon and a few other blends from captain earl and see how magical there other blends are
I Like It.
August 21, 2018
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
I am new to pipe smoking so I don't really have a developed pallet for tobacco blends. One thing I do know, Nightwatch tastes good out of my pipe. I will be tasting other Captain Earle's in the future that is for sure.
What the hell?
May 17, 2016
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
Sweet and mild! I have had alot of latakia in my time, but never anything this sweet. It is incredibly mild and tastes almost like a touch of honey coming through with it, and a kick of smoked flowers. I will continue to evaluate the complexities of ... Read More
One amazing crumble cake
November 23, 2013
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
One solid latakia crumble cake. Smells fantastic and smokes nearly perfect. Worth checking out. Latakia lovers need to try this blend.
Be On Guard
January 09, 2021
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
This is a full bodied , yet smooth smoke. It burns slow and and even with heavy musky and earthy notes. A top 10 favorite of mine!
June 30, 2023
By: BR
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 8oz
Where Did This Come From?
June 07, 2021
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
This is the first Captain Earle's blend that I have tried and now I am wondering why it took me this long to try one. This is one smooth blend. I am search out Virgina/Perique blends and thought I had found the ones that I would besticking with. Then... Read More
Solid Smoke
December 23, 2020
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
I am completely sold on this fine blend. I can envision many enjoyable times smoking this special Latakia offering.There is a sweetness to it that is intriguing and a lingering after taste that is most pleasant. The tobacco performs very well with no... Read More
Excellent English Blend
July 25, 2023
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
A wonderful Latakia blend with the wonderful flavors of Orientals and Perique. The Perique adds to the complexity of the blend and flavors. Nightwatch is great to sit and enjoy and contimplate the day. Having now tried all eight blends I have to say ... Read More
Very nice, FULL flavored.
May 15, 2019
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
My tin was one year old. Very smooth, burns well, medium nic content, very full flavored, no bite. Smoky, spicy, leather, bitter, salty and dark chocolate. All those come together to form one really nice, very full flavor. Not as nuanced a... Read More
April 26, 2024
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 8oz
Nice, smoky room note, clean musky flavor, almost like a complex black tea and cream
Great Blend
May 27, 2023
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
Every C.E. blend so far has been great but all have a similar profile and so far Mystic Blend is still better
A miss for me
March 16, 2023
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
Maybe I’m not sophisticated enough for this one but the initial 1/8 of the bowl was pleasant and enjoyable but was quickly followed by the taste of burnt wet newspaper , almost like a roll your own with copy paper , unfortunately not for me
February 10, 2023
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 8oz
Tin note of sweet fruit, sour wine, and smoke. Tobacco is a black, dark brown and tan marbled Krumble Kake. Moisture content is great. Kake breaks apart and rubs out with some effort. Burns slow with a few relights. The strength is medium and nic is ... Read More
good blend
January 16, 2023
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
The blend starts with a slap to the lips and a coating of latakia and a sweet undertone. As expected, a blend billed to evoke standing watch on a sailing ship should grab your attention. But intensified flavors need comforts and the blend has a nice ... Read More
Very good!
February 21, 2022
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
This blend is similar to pirate cake, but better! The addition of perique and VA, definitely set this blend apart from PK, and also what makes it stand above it as well. The VA leaf in this blend is naturally sweet, and tangy, and the spicy kiss of ... Read More
Thinking time at seas with Captain
February 12, 2021
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 2oz
This one i was hesitant of with the heavy hitter combos of tobaccos. When i tried this cake, it is smoky, deep and bit of spice. It is very meditative smoke
Eight bells
February 25, 2014
Product: Captain Earle's Nightwatch 8oz
Eight bells, and you're thirty minutes away from a pipeful of Capt. Earle's and a steaming hot cup of Riobos tea, to which you have added a wee dram of Capt. Morgan's. Aye, matey, the two Captains make for a wonderful evening below. Enjoy and drea... Read More
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