G. L. Pease: Navigator 8oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-029-0081

For centuries, men of the sea have known the pleasures of fine Virginia tobaccos, pressed and aged with a drop of rum. The addition of rich dark fired Kentucky leaf brings a new dimension to the flavor and aroma of this timeless combination, G. L. Pease's Navigator.
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G. L. Pease: Navigator 2oz Navigator 2oz
  • Components: Virginia, Dark Fired Kentucky
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Flake
Customer Reviews (36 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.39 out of 5 stars
December 10, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
I keep coming back to this one. I recommend a small bowl for this blend due to its strength. I say that as a person that never smokes on an empty stomach. When you open the tin you can smell the rum, which is helping out some really fresh Virginia... Read More
Clear The Decks For Action!
March 30, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
Like the other reviewers say,smoke this one slowly.This would be a great morning or evening smoke.I am smoking this in one of the Ropp "Vintage Briar" pipes,and the flavor is excellent.Later,I will use a pipe with a larger bowl,to see if th... Read More
May 04, 2016
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
Take this one slow and easy! Definitely balanced, a bit stronger than Sextant, but just as good, sweet, savory zesty, not overwhelming, going to buy more for sure! If you like this, you'll love Sextant, and Sixpence! Same line IMO, but each one rais... Read More
best of its kind
January 27, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
This is strong, but not crazy strong like 1792 or some of the GH ropes. But it is strong. A splendid rum soaked flake. Pease's use of rum and brandy is the best out there. The Kentucky gives it a bottom but the Virginia is the center of the blend. O... Read More
Unique Navy Flake
March 28, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
Less sweet than a traditional navy flake but with more depth of flavor. Very well balanced and the dark fired Kentucky does not overpower the Virginias.
Whats not to love?
March 05, 2013
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
Deep, intense, virginia taste of plums/raspberry with slightly spicy, smoky, undertones. A tobacco of real substance in every sense. Sweet but light and in no way cloying. Innocuous room note.
Order this one quickly...
January 02, 2013
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of this blend for a week now. I immediately ordered a tin when I received an email from one of the major online retailers, announcing the newest addition to Mr. Pease's Old London Series. I usually do not ju... Read More
October 12, 2019
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
Not a lot going on here. The dark fired and virginia taste mild, like burnt steak. I'm a fan of Odyssey and Haddo's Delight, but this blend just isn't doing it for me. It burns okay, has a good moisture content from tin. But rather than being smo... Read More
going to buy again for sure
June 08, 2015
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
I originally did not know what to think of this tobacco at first seeing as I have never had a good experience with flake tobacco. The tin smell when first opened had a brandy smell along with a smoky hint to it. On my first bowl I tasted just the br... Read More
Very good tobacco
March 01, 2023
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 8oz
I am very satisfied and delighted with this product. The aroma and taste is enchanting.
good to go.
November 23, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 8oz
Tin note of sour stewed fruit, spices, and mild smoke. Tobacco is red-brown broken flake. Tobacco is mostly dry and rubs out fairly easy. Burns is slow with a few extra relights. The strength is medium and nic is mild to medium. Flavoring is not dete... Read More
Tasty and smokey
September 15, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
Very good tobacco. One of my favorites
July 13, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
I try different blends constantly but this one I always have on hand. The Virginia's are definitely center stage and the kentucky really helps to strengthen and smooth out the blend. The gentle use of rum is the best I have experienced.
April 21, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
Wow another amazing find on my never ending quest for the finest pirate tobaccos! I’ve been smoking it for a month and I absolutely love this! I’m still a fairly new pirate piper and I can’t say that I can truly discern all of the subtle flavors yet ... Read More
Good Burley
April 19, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
This is good actually tkes my breath away at times when first lighting Overall it's a good straight-up burley
Navigated directly to Flavortown!!
February 21, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
Wow, this is delicious! I love windjammer but this is on another level. The DFK and VA leaves are working together on this one, and the results are one sweet, savory, and consistent flavor all the way to the bottom of the bowl. It’s rummy and yummy,... Read More
Saucy, sweet, and luscious
January 08, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
I've been working through GL Pease's various Navy flake offerings since trying -- and really liking -- "Windjammer." Like that one and Sextant, these are Navy flakes with a twist. The twist here is the dark-fired Kentucky. Navigator gives you that ru... Read More
Exactly as advertised
September 06, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
The rum note is a pleasant complement to the rich Kentucky and sweet Virginia. I love this blend! The flavor is balanced and easy to smoke. Goes well with black tea.
July 15, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
This is a blend that has a similar feel to sixpence, in my opinion. That rum flavor is not over powering, but adds just a touch of sweetness. This is a perfect workshop blend for me. Sip it slow, and you'll be rewarded.
A bit of a challenge for me
April 16, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
I found it really difficult to pick up much of the natural tobacco flavours until i'm almost done. There is a heavy dose of a Navy Rum on this blend that kinda makes me need to think while smoking to really pick up on the nuances. Although I do quite... Read More
Not a Navy Flake
April 07, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
It kinda irritates the gums a bit. That being said, I could literally smoke this all day long, and I am half tempted to do it. It has a really, really solid rum casing, and the tobacco is just so, so sweet. This is one of those smokes that I don't th... Read More
December 07, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
Not since smoking Vintage tins of McClelland's offerings have I tasted such rich, bold, satisfying Virginia Flake. I'm smoking this presently in a Premium Peterson 1/2 bent Author, and loving every puff. The Virginias are absolutely astonishing, the ... Read More
An interesting smell.WONDERFUL&INCREDIBLE
September 27, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
He burns well and smokes very well.....I love its smell....Authentic sea wolf......NIRVANA!!!!!!!
Nothing special
July 30, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
I’ve smoked several bowls just to make sure I wasn’t being too critical too soon. I love dark fired/va blends this just average in taste, there’s some faint sweetness but overall tastes a little harsh
A Nice Change
April 19, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
Navigator has less rum note than most Navy blends. The addition of fire cured Kentucky is very welcoming. Smoke it slowly to enjoy all the subtle nuances. Very nice blend from GLP
April 04, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 8oz
My tin had aged for 7 years and is fantastic. I will getting more to age. Has a sweetness of honey.
Mixed Feelings
February 12, 2019
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 8oz
It's good. But not something I'll have regularly. I'll finish the tin, then I'm done with it. It's very strong. Very "tobacco-y" and earthy. Not BAD but just too one-sided of a flavor profile. The taste of the casing is there (Rum, citrus, ... Read More
Tears, sweat, or the sea...
January 09, 2019
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
As a man who once lived by the sea and spent many hours upon it, the name and marketing of this blend appealed to me. As a former McClelland devotee, it harbors the Virginia darkness and naturally sweet depth that I thought I had lost. The tin ... Read More
Fold and Stuff
July 15, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
There is a learning curve to Navigator that is steeper than most blends. As stated numerous times in this review section, Navigator is best when smoked slow, and in my opinion the absolute best when folded and stuffed with kindling on top which will ... Read More
A revised opinion
June 02, 2015
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
I tried this right when it came out a couple years back. I just received a new order, and it's changed, at least to me. My first tin, the tobacco was very light blonde in color, rubbed completely out and it's flavours was that of a standard VA, poss... Read More
Tasty with a Delicate Finish
October 12, 2013
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 8oz
This tobacco is best enjoyed with long, slow draws.
GLP/C&D Do it again!
September 06, 2013
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
My tobacco cellar is full of blends that didn't quite hit right with me, and even moreso with blends that didn't sit well with my body chemisty. Alcohol cased blends are particularly notorious for tearing up my tongue and leaving me not tasting anyth... Read More
August 02, 2013
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
A really nice tobacco here. Plenty of tobacco flavor, a decent hit of nicotine. Nice and smoky. Doesn't burn too hot, never had it get wet on me. A really nice Navy style here. A little sharp to inhale similar to Dunhill Navy. I like the rubbed out f... Read More
Sextant Light?
January 07, 2013
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
I will try almost anything Sir Pease puts out especially his rum-infused Navy blends. My first impression is that its a lighter version of Sextant. Its cut the same, has lighter blond tobacco in the mix, and doesn't have quite the punch of Sextant.... Read More
January 04, 2013
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
Home Run
January 03, 2013
Product: G. L. Pease Navigator 2oz
Another great blend from GLP.
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