Peterson: Hyde Park 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-050-0034

A pipe tobacco mixture of Virginias and Burley, Peterson's Hyde park is first pressed and cut before being rubbed out into a broken flake. The blend is further elevated by subtle flavorings of rum and maple sugar to highlight the Virginias' natural sweetness and the rich boldness of the Burley, making for a medium- to full-bodied tobacco with an appealing aroma.

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  • Components: Virginia, Burley
  • Family: Burley
  • Cut: Broken Flake
Customer Reviews (32 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.42 out of 5 stars
Lakeland Finesse
December 18, 2016
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
The Lake District is my favorite place in the world. Last time I was in Bowness, it was mid-December and most of the tourists were long gone. It was cold, wet and perfect. I had a tin of C&D Star of the East Flake and would sit on the patio of my... Read More
February 18, 2018
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
that my first review here would be for a Lakeland blend (I am devoted to Latakia blends---the heavier the better). It's quite easy, a delight on the palette. A wonderful contrast to the usual dense, deep campfire. This is divine. Floral to the nine... Read More
Nectar & Abrosia
January 08, 2013
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
I am struggling to find the best words for how I experience Hyde Park. I have found it extraordinary and totally unique in my experience. I maximally enjoy and appreciate complex full-bodied latakia blends... present favorites are GLPs Sextant and La... Read More
Better Than Anticipated & Fairly Strong
May 26, 2019
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
The Burley is the predominant player in this mixture but is tamed down somewhat by the Virginia & a little by the flavor additive. Then, slightly more of a detectable flavor from the rum/maple sugar infusion about 1/3 down into the bowl. I favor ... Read More
St. Bruno?
March 29, 2020
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
This is probably Peterson's best blend. It is as cool a smoke as you will find, and has no bite at all--or detectable PG. Absolutely delightful. But it is so much like the current St. Bruno offering that one has to wonder if STG is double or triple b... Read More
Rich and dark
February 04, 2020
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Delicious dark rich flavor with sweet maple and rum notes. Mild spice notes. Can be strong on nicotine.
A Wonderfully Diffenet English
November 04, 2012
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
I didn't know what to expect from this tobacco described as both "English" and with flavor components of both Rum and Maple. What I found was a complex, deliciously flavorfull smoke. To me, there's little here that tastes like Rum or Mapl... Read More
In Fne English Tradition
November 01, 2012
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
A surprising offering from Peterson and blended by Kolhase & Kopp. Very English in the Gawith Hogarth tradition. A beautifully rich tin note greets the nose reminiscent of spiced maple. Easy to pack and light right from the tin, this tastes very ... Read More
Not for me!
February 03, 2022
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
I am not a tobacco snob at all but this for me was like smoking grandma's perfume. So unpleasing.
August 27, 2021
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
I Always Keep a Tin
April 03, 2021
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Convenient cigarette shag cut, quite moist in tin most times. Perfect to throw in a pouch but the cut takes flame regardless of moisture. The flowery topping is a bit sour at times, almost like hibiscus. It's a nice perfumey topping on a bed of satis... Read More
Pleasing Part Of My Rotation
January 13, 2021
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Hyde Park provides me with a satisfying alternative when I take a short break from my favorite Latakia blends. It's always in my "go to" blends.
Not What You May Expect !
January 31, 2019
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
To describe this in any terms as an ' English" may serve to confuse many. If I were to advance a comment on basic blend profile I would describe this as a well matured Virginia. Tin note presents the classic 'Ketchup' notes and visually it is t... Read More
November 06, 2018
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Among my personal favorite English - light, unique, flavorful, with a pleasant enough room-note (wife approved).
Hyde Park: Ultra, ultra, ultra light Lakeland notes
March 10, 2015
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Aside from a delicate floral note, the blend has a very natural tobacco taste, with some evidence that fermentation was part of the process. Its strength is on the high side of medium, but it is a very smooth smoke. I don't taste any Latakia, but rat... Read More
Pleasantly aromatic English blend.
December 12, 2012
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
I found this a very pleasant suprise very subtle rum and maple flavor that was accentuated as the smoke went on .A lightly sweet english very nice.
A Companion to Irish Flake
November 01, 2012
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
The new offering from Peterson is a "who's who" of component ingredients that appeal most to me. Granted, I was a bit skeptical of the rum and maple flavoring and, when I opened the tin, I felt that I had surely made an error of the utmost... Read More
Just Basic
April 27, 2024
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
This blend is just like a light easy tasting tobacco, nothing fantastic or special, but it does the job. An easy transition if you're moving from cigars into pipes.
Hyde Park
April 17, 2024
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
A totally delightful mid afternoon smoke. No bite, smooth burning. I honestly enjoyed this tobacco outside with my dog, Bentley the Beagle.
Good not Terrific…
December 17, 2023
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
I don’t write many reviews. If you enjoy VaBur’s this is really good for what it is. Quality and Smooth. Great for a slow pace. As others stated the very minor hint of flavor only happens when sipping it very slowly. It’s good but I was hoping fo... Read More
October 06, 2023
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Like Home
August 08, 2023
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Such a great tin note and cut. Slightly sweet. A favorite.
March 03, 2023
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Tin note of mild sweet rum, vegetation, and sugar. Tobacco is a Ready Rubbed of light brown, brown and dark brown. Moisture content is great. Larger pieces may need a little attention. Burns slow with a few relights. The strength is medium and nic is... Read More
Changing Sweetness Throughout Bowl
February 06, 2023
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
I was curious about Hyde so I ordered a tin and got right to smoking upon arrival. Moisture needed a slight drying time, and it packed very easily. Tin notes are definitely sweet- like a maple syrup. Reminds me of childhood pancakes. Upon light I tas... Read More
February 23, 2022
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Just what i was looking for. Smoked that tin exclusively and it lasted a week. Will be buying again. Woops already did.
Outstanding tobacco
January 14, 2021
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
I couldn't wait to try this once it arrived in the mail. It's everything I was hoping for and more. Great taste, room note, body and strength. The tobacco and toppings just work very well together. I was so blown away with my first bowl that a few da... Read More
Quality tobacco
November 18, 2020
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Rich flavor with delicious maple and rum notes. Smokes great.
Pretty Good
October 08, 2020
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Has a nice flavor and smokes well, my only gripe is that is seems to smoke a little hot.
Grows on you
October 10, 2019
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Straight out the tin I was a little overwhelmed. Strong smells of tobacco, dried fruit, and wood with a subtle sweet note. Broken flake and ribbon cut. Rubbed it out and packed. First pipe I was not impressed, I found it too strong with a flavor I co... Read More
November 13, 2017
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
I initially gave this tobacco a bad review, but then tried it in a different pipe and fond it to be a little better. The original pipe I tried it in needed some deep cleaning. In the new pipe I found that I still don't care for the flavor profile of... Read More
Great tobacco, not a typical "English"
November 17, 2012
Product: Peterson Hyde Park 50g
Just had my first bowl of this, and it is great! It's a lot like the HH Old Dark Fired. Smokey and earthy, hint of salt at times. it's NOT an aromatic by any means. good strong nic kick, burns nice and cool. packaged a bit differently in the tin. bun... Read More
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