Peterson: Nutty Cut 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-050-0028

Peterson's Nutty Cut is a mixture of golden, red & dark Virginia tobaccos in different cuts, rounded off with Burley, Black Cavendish and irresistible, fragrant flavours of rum, coconut & Macadamia nuts.
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3.87 out of 5 stars
very nice!
March 01, 2023
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
Tin note of coconut, spiced rum and sugar. Tobacco is a mixed cut of brown, dark brown and black. Moisture content is great, larger chunks may need a little attention. Burns moderate with few relights. The strength is medium and nic is mild. Flavorin... Read More
Nutty Cut- A nice smoke
January 17, 2019
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
I typically smoke Iwan Ries 3 Star Bronze, 1-Q, a few Stokkebye blends, and Velvet among others. I enjoy Nutty Cut. Smoke it slow, and no bite. I keep it in muy rotation.
Always a Favorite
January 01, 2019
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
I love Peterson blends. Great tin notes and room notes with no bite.
New Favorite
January 08, 2018
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
Great tin note, and a great all around smoke for my tastes. I experienced no bite and will continue to enjoy and purchase time and again.
Nice smoke
December 03, 2017
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
Bite little bit. The room note very nice. Will order again
Will bite ya but good smoke
January 14, 2017
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
Boy you gotta sip this blend. It will bite like a bulldog if you do not take it really slow and even then you will get some bite. Great tin note. Had to relight several times till I got halfway through the bowl. The room note is outstanding. Lots of ... Read More
Hot tongue bite
September 26, 2016
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
A tin of steamy hot air accompanied by lack of flavor and ferocious tongue bite. Not recommended.
Average tobacco
May 01, 2016
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
This is a stronger than average tobacco.Room note is weak.Tastes a bit strong and the tobacco strength overpowers the aroma,which makes it hard to call this an aromatic.
December 17, 2015
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
After reading the positive reviews of this blend, I wanted it. However, it just didn't pan out for me. The aroma was really flat as was the flavor. I wouldn't even call this an aromatic, just tobacco that was OK. Flavor wise it was the same, bland. A... Read More
Nice aromatic, relaxing smoke
April 21, 2015
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
If you tend to like the Danish style of aromatics like I do then you will probably like Peterson's Nutty Cut. What greets you when you first pop the seal is a nice tin note. Slightly sweet, almond with a pronounced rum presence. The room note is very... Read More
Great taste
December 31, 2014
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
When I sample a tobacco for the first time, I keep the remainder in small airtight jar. If I really like it, i'll buy several tins(or bulk bags) of it and store it in a large airtight glass container. I only have a few bulk containers that I bought f... Read More
Too rummy
December 06, 2014
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
It smells wonderful in the tin, in the mouth, and out in the air. I cannot recommend this tobacco enough. The flavor is balanced, though I wish it was a bit nuttier.
An Aromatic Found Wanting
February 11, 2014
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
Upon opening the tin, this blend smells amazing. The rum is evident with a nuttiness underneath. After a little dry time and a full bowl, I found it to be lacking. It could have been just the tin purchased, but I found there to be a bit more bite tha... Read More
Very delicious!
December 24, 2013
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
This tobacco has a very good, almost almond flavor, with a subtle hint of rum flavor. Very good tobacco!
Rum & Nuts
September 14, 2013
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
Peterson's "Nutty Cut" was very sweet smelling straight from the tin. You get sweet smelling rum, nuts, and sweet Virginia tobaccos. Upon toasting the tobacco and getting a smell of it you get sweet tobacco and nuts. The smoke is good. Th... Read More
Amazing Aromatic
September 12, 2013
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
The smell is very pleasant. And the aroma is so satisfying. I dont know what else to say but that I would buy it again.
Great Aromatic
June 15, 2013
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
It's a usual aromatic combination of Va/Burley/Black Cavendish leaf. The top dressing is done wonderfully. A nice noticeable compliment to the leaf. You do get the flavors of the rum and Macadamia nuts with a hint of the coconut from time to time. Th... Read More
A nice departure
March 18, 2013
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
Received some as a gift from a friend at the local tobacconist. I couldn't pick up the coconut in the smoke or resting smoke but it was definitely present in the tin note. Loved the strong nutty smell and taste with warm hints of dark rum. Will de... Read More
pleasant surprise
September 29, 2012
Product: Peterson Nutty Cut 50g
I ordered a few Cavendish tobaccos to smoke indoors during the cool weather. This was a Peterson I hadn't tried. Upon opening the tin, I thought this would be overly flavored and sweet and was surprised that the tobaccos are slightly out front of the... Read More