Solani: X - Sweet Mystery 100g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-061-0009

A wonderful Virginia blend consisting of red sweet and broad bright Virginias, Virginia Flake, and sweet black Cavendish with a pinch of black currant treated with Bacardi and CocoCream. Mystic sweet taste with a fantastic room aroma--outstanding. Wild Cut/Cross Cut/Broken Flake.
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Solani: X - Sweet Mystery 50g X - Sweet Mystery 50g
  • Components: Virginia, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (20 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.53 out of 5 stars
First Choice
December 12, 2012
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
If pipe smoking is alowed in heaven, as I suspect it is, this blend is without question the number one choice.
Not what I was expecting
October 15, 2019
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 100g
The tin note was promising, fruity, sweet, delicious. Packed half a bowl, applied flame, took a draw and boom! My mouth was on fire! Tongue bite? No sir, MOUTH BITE! This stuff instantly stung every surface of my mouth, from tongue to gums to roof ... Read More
No Mystery here
May 28, 2018
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
I have to qualify this by saying, I prefer English blends, but enjoy an aromatic from time to time. Solani Sweet Mystery X leaves me wondering why I don’t try aromatics more often. The tin note of this delectable blend was bliss. I was afraid it was ... Read More
A mystery only
July 10, 2016
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
I remember the tin smell was gorgeous as it reminded me molasses, peaches prunes in rum and a little maple, very delicate and tropical mix. But when the fire came into the play it changed everything. Im a stubborn person, i never surrender easily ... Read More
Sour Sweet
July 21, 2015
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
I found it to be a pleasant smoke, here is a slightly acrid sour sweetness that I'm sure is right up some smokers' alleys. For me I didn't love the flavor profile, but that is completely subjective. Another quality product from Solani, but it just wa... Read More
Good Aromatic
October 05, 2021
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
While I tend to smoke English blends, I do dabble in aromatics from time to time. Tin smell is sweet and inviting but, like many aromatics, that seems to be where it ends. Once lit, the aroma is very subtle at best and I could not detect any taste. N... Read More
Now a favorite!
August 04, 2020
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
I bought this blend well over a year ago and let it sit only because it was out of sight and is ,like others have said,very aromatic,fruity..but this blend still stays tobacco forward..I can very clearly pick out the VA tobacco... Read More
Good but harsh
June 13, 2020
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 100g
Nice aroma very wet out of tin from heavy syrupy casing. Strong coconut cream and berry aroma if that’s enjoyable to you. I like it. Need to dry out before using in my experience. It’s not smooth however. Smokes a little harsh. Otherwise I like the s... Read More
October 06, 2019
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 100g
I bought the tin just to try it not really expecting a lot from the tobacco. I was so set back the tin notes were so nice and the smoke was just beautiful.
May 17, 2018
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
This is a hard one to review so I'll keep it short. It's a great blend with sweet and sour notes. Some air time before lighting would help. It's the kind of blend that you sit and ponder about what it is that your tasting. Very refreshing and well do... Read More
Not a Big Fan of Aromatics
June 29, 2015
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
....and this blend hasn't turned me into one. It's very fruity and would probably be appreciated at large gatherings of non-smokers, but as a standalone tobacco I'd rather have any of the Solani non-aromatic blends. I'll keep and finish the tin, and ... Read More
Very Good
May 20, 2014
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
A good solid choice, especially for any lover of aromatics. Wonderful sweet/sour notes, would buy again.
Mysterious indeed!
May 06, 2014
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
While still a rather young and somewhat inexperienced smoker, I have dabbled with quite a large number of blends (mostly aromatics so far) and this is right at the top for me (a tie with Mac Baren's 7 Seas: Black). I have experimented with different ... Read More
Favorite Aromatic Thus Far!
March 02, 2014
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
Huge fan of aromatics. This blend is sweet, but not Sickening. The smell is wonderful; smokes incredibly smooth. Will definitely be buying this again.
I pursue the mystery
November 03, 2013
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
I felt the sour-sweetness. I remembered when i was a teenager.
A Siren Singing
September 04, 2013
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 100g
Maple syrup, vanilla, fruit in the tin all flying on a blue haze. Solani’s “Sweet Mystery” plays spice and slightly bitter notes as counter-point to the warm, cake-likeness. The relight is a dry and slightly bitter Bordeaux transitioning again into... Read More
Dessert anyone?
August 21, 2013
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
Not a real fan of aromatics, but this is just loaded with a blueberry/blackberry taste. If you really enjoy this type of flavors then this will certainly please. Best if smoked slow and easy. Probably not something I would buy again.
October 08, 2012
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 100g
This is a very rich and flavorful blend. One evening had it burning just right and of course that was the last bowl. Let it dry a bit.
not bad
September 29, 2012
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 100g
This tobacco is for sweet,fruit Cavendish smokers. While I do enjoy a good Cavendish with a coffee at times, this one is just a bit too fruity for me. I will smoke it on occasion until the tin is empty but will not purchase in the future. The flavor ... Read More
June 02, 2012
Product: Solani X - Sweet Mystery 50g
A good blend for the aromatic lovers. One of the sweetest tobaccos I have had the pleasure of trying. Figs, prunes, and rum were the most prominent flavors I detected. Burns nice and cool with no tongue bite at all. No complaints.
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