Warped: Saint Espresso 2oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-851-0008

A delicious coffee-inspired delicacy, Warped's Saint Espresso is a seasonal, limited-edition blend of three distinct Cavendish variants, including Cornell & Diehl's proprietary Carolina Red Virginia Cavendish, unsweetened One Sucker Black Cavendish from Kentucky, and gently sweetened Dominican cigar-leaf Cavendish — each expertly steamed and toasted to evoke the velvety body and rich flavor of a fine espresso. Naturally sweet, this exquisite mixture takes an exclusively different approach to the classic Cavendish Aromatic profile, delivering a nuanced, tobacco-forward flavor with notes of dark chocolate, cream, and toasted walnuts on the palate.

Inspired by Kyle's long-standing passion for artisan coffee, Saint Espresso is a singular addition to the Warped portfolio — joining such celebrated blends as The Red Hunt, Until the End, King's Stride, Sarto, and Cloud Hopper, as well as fellow signature seasonal releases, The Haunting and Scarecrow. Saint Espresso enhances this lineup of elegant blends with its own unique flavor profile, once again showcasing the signature blending acumen that has become the hallmark of the Warped/Cornell & Diehl partnership.

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4.41 out of 5 stars
Serve my Coffee Piping Hot
May 19, 2022
Product: Warped Saint Espresso 2oz
This is a more satisfying approach to aromatics. Taste full of flavor the coffee topping is not over powering. You can taste the Burley and Cigar Lear. Room note is tolerable. Aroma is pleasant. A must try. In really like this cut of tobacco. Go... Read More
May 22, 2022
Product: Warped Saint Espresso 2oz
Well My, My, My! Kyle and Jeremy you have knocked it out of the park with this masterpiece, Warped Saint Espresso! Congratulations. Saint Espresso is everything they say it is. Those of you who flat out refuse to smoke anything that is associated wit... Read More
Cavendish King
May 16, 2022
Product: Warped Saint Espresso 2oz
This is a great blend for the seasoned and beginner. Aromatics are my go-to blends, with my favorite being Lane limited BCA. I must say, Saint Espresso has met and exceeded the hype! It smokes cool, and effortlessly. It is a rare aromatic that tastes... Read More
Café mañanero!!!
May 17, 2022
Product: Warped Saint Espresso 2oz
Comenzaré por decir que no soy muy amantes a los aromáticos, pero éste es Definitivamente una excepción, solo mande a buscar 1 lata por curiosidad ya que me gusta mucho el café. Su sabor es cremoso, suave y no muerde, mantuvo la fumada seca y buen... Read More
Better than Good
May 17, 2022
Product: Warped Saint Espresso 2oz
Starbucks Frappuccino meet tobacco. Tobacco meet Starbucks Frappuccino. Great blend, great flavor for anytime of the day!
hidden gem
August 02, 2022
Product: Warped Saint Espresso 2oz
fine tobacco, very alluring aromas. like a real expresso first you taste a rich coffee taste, robust but not overwhelming and the zest from the cigar leaf is wrangled together with sweet topping that keep you coming back for more
June 05, 2022
Product: Warped Saint Espresso 2oz
This is an excellent aromatic pipe tobacco. It is not your Grandpas aromatic. It is tobacvo forward with a great coffee chocolate topping. It smokes cool and does not mess up your pipe. Lovely stuff. I wish I had bought more.
Saint Espresso
May 28, 2022
Product: Warped Saint Espresso 2oz
In my alley
November 30, 2022
Product: Warped Saint Espresso 2oz
It's a great short excursion, but sadly halfway in and it drops on my awesomeness scale, being a bit bland, though I expected a bit more cigar taste, i didn't get it. Still have 1 unopen tin that's sitting in a cellar.
August 27, 2022
Product: Warped Saint Espresso 2oz
I don't really do reviews but this was to good not to share my opinion. If you want something that really tastes like an espresso this is it. It also has a light cigar taste which compliments the espresso flavors which just amazed me. Thank you warpe... Read More
Don’t want to be hater…
June 30, 2022
Product: Warped Saint Espresso 2oz
…but I’m just not getting the espresso or coffee in this blend. The tin note is overwhelmingly artificial caramel and that’s about it. Now, I knew I would have a certain amount of bias. I’m a professional coffee taster, my job is sourcing coffees and... Read More