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Gustavo Cunha of Martelo pipes was born and raised in Diamantina, an old colonial village in the Minas Gerais State of Brazil. He began his woodworking journey when he was but 15 years old, making traditional English bows and arrows from scratch. It wasn't until much later, however, that he began making pipes — fashioning his first creation from a preformed stummel and stem. After studying design and, more specifically, furniture design, his post-grad opportunities granted him access to better machinery and tools, and he gave it another try. Focusing on Freehand designs, Gustavo crafted several briars for his close friends.

After meeting Tom Eltang, he dove into the art 100%, purchasing all the equipment for his workshop and working full-time only a mere month after meeting with Tom. Gustavo has also spent some time with Chris Asteriou and Konstantinos Anastasopoulos honing his craft, and readily admits he was influenced greatly by their work.

Today, Gustavo creates each Martelo pipe with precision and care from his workshop in Belo Horizonte. His goal is to perpetuate the pipe-smoking lifestyle, to offer a pipe with soul — a living object, a piece that brings happiness and calmness to his clients and friends.