Warped: Midsommar 2oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-851-0009

A collaborative effort between Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars and Jeremy Reeves of Cornell & Diehl, Midsommar is a limited release blend that comprises Canadian Bright Virginias from 2019, White Burley from 2014, and a combination of matured Basma and Izmir leaf. The blend is named in honor of the traditional European holiday Midsummer, which is most notably celebrated in Sweden and known there as Midsommar, a summer solstice celebration with roots that stretch back to the Neolithic era. Paying tribute to the history and spirit of these festivities, the blend exemplifies a rusticity and heartiness which marries bold, earthy flavors with the natural sweetness of its Virginias, all of which are unified by a subtle casing of rum and molasses. Pressed into a crumble cake cut that's primed for aging, Midsommar is a great way to complement a Summer's evening, though would be a perfect companion for any day of the year.

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3.95 out of 5 stars
Midsommar magic
August 23, 2023
Product: Warped Midsommar 2oz
I’ll admit that upon my first bowl of this right out of the tin I was a bit underwhelmed. I left it alone for a week or so and tried it again and it made a big difference. This blend imparts a wonderful summery earthiness I’ve not experienced yet in ... Read More
Briar Fox with a Turkish kick!
August 18, 2023
Product: Warped Midsommar 2oz
I don't get the nicotine strength, but I like bold blends. It's basically Briar Fox with nice Oriental twist. I think it really will benefit from a little age, but not deep cellaring.
Lightly Christianized pagan holiday
August 08, 2023
Product: Warped Midsommar 2oz
I would call this more of a spongey plug than a cake. Some of the visible leaves are around 3/8" wide. I had trouble tearing it, so cut it. I get a slightly sour, lightly spicy woodiness overall, and can't really taste the toppings. I found it simi... Read More
Its just ok
August 08, 2023
Product: Warped Midsommar 2oz
This fresh out of the tin not bad, not getting the toppings overwhelmingly, the tobacco is all forward. I guess its got some aging potential will revisit it to see but agree its a repeatable and satisfying . Glad I tried it not sure Id go out of my ... Read More
August 06, 2023
Product: Warped Midsommar 2oz
September 05, 2023
Product: Warped Midsommar 2oz
Pretty good, but I’m really only tasting the Izmir Turkish tobacco. It seems to overpower the blend for me.
One of my favorites
September 03, 2023
Product: Warped Midsommar 2oz
This blend really surprised me. I would say im an intermediate pipe smoker, having tried roughly 20 blends and trying to find what I like still. This was immediately one of my favorites I've tried. I got a really mellow savory citrus note that was ex... Read More
Smells like haunted bookshop
September 01, 2023
Product: Warped Midsommar 2oz
Hven't tried it yet but the smell is almost like the haunted bookshop Same proportions of virginia and burley the oriental was replaced with perique
August 18, 2023
Product: Warped Midsommar 2oz
糖分很高 25% 加拿大弗吉尼亚 才到手 抽了第一斗 挺不错!
First smoke so....
August 14, 2023
Product: Warped Midsommar 2oz
Black pepper! Weird to taste but not unpleasant. Smooths out to a understated burley. The bright virginia is not biting but it is there. No rum taste. Nic medium and could use some jar time. may be better more bowls in . Not bad.
August 04, 2023
Product: Warped Midsommar 2oz