Savinelli: Janus 2oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-401-0012

Recognized worldwide for their fine pipes, Italian marque Savinelli also offers a line of luxury tobacco blends. Savinelli's Janus is an ambrosial mixture of Bright Virginias, Perique, and vintage Orientals from Turkey and Greece that offers a fascinatingly nuanced and exotic smoking experience.

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  • Components: Virginia, Perique, Orientals
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Flake
Customer Reviews (13 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.96 out of 5 stars
September 20, 2020
Product: Savinelli Janus 2oz
This tobacco is really excellent and I would put money on it being phenomenal with some age. Janus is a little sweet, floral, leathery, and musty. The tobacco truly does posses a unique-antique quality. Very well balanced and flavorful.
September 01, 2020
Product: Savinelli Janus 2oz
The smell coming out of the tin is exquisite. This stuff is sublime.
A little disappointing
July 01, 2020
Product: Savinelli Janus 2oz
When I opened the tin for the first time it had a strong urea smell, but when smoked it has a spicy pineapple, a good idea but poor execution of an oriental centered blend
Good quality
August 23, 2023
Product: Savinelli Janus 2oz
With some aging, I've grown fond of Janus. It's flavorful and satisfying.
December 02, 2022
Product: Savinelli Janus 2oz
Tin note of sour, spices, and mildly sweet. The reddish-brown broken flakes have a little tan and dark brown mixed in. It rubs out easily and needs no dry time. Burns slow with a few relights. The strength is medium and nic is medium. No flavoring de... Read More
....SO i tried a different shape of pipe...and it did a thing
June 08, 2022
Product: Savinelli Janus 2oz
So in my last review I called the the antique Virginia musty. I tried a pipe with more of a small classic dublin / poker respectively, and it completely changed. It had a nuance like C&D Haunted Bookshop, matured Virginias, slight spice and lig... Read More
I am unsure....Maybe paid people to write review? in the end decent blend
May 30, 2022
Product: Savinelli Janus 2oz
SO first off, read reviews first before trying. Tin note ( no clue what urea smells like, google was no help outside of urine and that was not the case) tin note was that of a minerally orange or to some in the US of A a generic multivitamin. Sur... Read More
Old school
June 27, 2021
Product: Savinelli Janus 2oz
Something about this has me feeling like I’m smoking back in the 30s. It’s growing on me but right now I have it just above average.
Odd tin note
May 09, 2021
Product: Savinelli Janus 2oz
This has a slightly off putting tin note but do not let that deter you. I smells fantastic when lit in the bowl. This is a close tie for my favorite in the god series (right there with Jupiter). Will definitely be superb with aging.
Not a good tin note
May 01, 2021
Product: Savinelli Janus 2oz
Not a fan of this type of blend. Bad room note
April 17, 2021
Product: Savinelli Janus 2oz
This stuff is incredible. Although it does have a slightly weird tin note, I have to say that the nicotine is at a perfect high-mid, and the taste is like a sweet savory bread roll with one or two berries in the middle. Burns incredibly well and come... Read More
A little disappointed too.
February 05, 2021
Product: Savinelli Janus 2oz
I entirely agree with Joaquin D’s review on this. He/she nailed it with “spicy pineapple.” Yet, I was hoping for a little more from the orientals as well. Falls just short of what it could have been. Still, it’s a fine blend! The Virginia, Perique, a... Read More
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