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Yeti? Why Yeti? In order to understand the answer to that conundrum, you need to first understand the man behind the pipes: Micah Cryder. The young, hyper-intelligent and good humored gent, who was born/currently lives and carves full time in Montana, offers two (of many) reasons. 1. The very word "Yeti" is evocative of the timeless, hearkens to campfires, high mountain peaks and exploration. 2. While Micah takes his craft very seriously, he is lighthearted of outlook, and felt that naming a marque Yeti would impart a sense of humor and whimsy within an industry which, often, seemed to take itself all-too-seriously.

100% handcrafted from Mimmo briar, and featuring hand-carved bits of German ebonite/cumberland, as well as the occasional foray into Juma and Bakelite, Micah's interiors boast 4mm/3.5mm draft holes in the mortise and stem, respectively. Although a self-described "child of the internet," receiving a majority of his carving education from forums, Micah states that his biggest boost came as a result of personal instruction from Premal Cheddah. While in the process of evolving, the Yeti briar aesthetic currently embraces the American school of shape interpretation.