Tsuge Ikebana Pipes

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The legendary Ikebana has been referred for decades as 'The Flowers of the Pipe World', an apt plaudit; the literal translation of the word "Ikebana" means 'living flowers', and refers to the highest form of Japanese flower arrangement. Spiritually, the practice and presentation of an Ikebana arrangement is said to instill silence, an appreciation of things in nature that people often overlook because of their busy lives, and to promote the ability to cultivate beauty in all art forms. In the pipe world, every Ikebana briar is handcrafted by masters to be as beautiful and singular as a rare orchid.

Led for decades by master carver Kazuhiro Fukuda, a former student of Sixten Ivarsson, recently Tsuge and Fukuda-san selected a brilliant art student, Asami Kikuchi, to guide the legendary Ikebana line into the future. As an indicator of the company's esteem and confidence in their new master, Asami has been granted the privilege of having her personal stamp accompany the Tsuge mark on the Ikebana; a first in the lauded company's history.