Paladin: Black Cherry 1.5oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-813-0001

Paladin Black Cherry is a classic Aromatic pipe tobacco that's been a staple for decades, as celebrated by Paladin's Facile Princeps, "Easily First" mantra. Comprising Burley and Virginias with notes of cherry, it provides full flavor with a delightfully pleasant room note.

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  • Components: Virginia, Burley
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (22 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.93 out of 5 stars
The Dr. Pepper of Cherry Aros
May 23, 2021
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
To my taste buds this has an under note of fig/raisin much like Dr. Pepper has. That not quite all cherry flavor if that makes sense. And the pouch note certainly reminds me of candy store wild cherry. What sets this aromatic apart from others? Its b... Read More
Thumbs Up
February 10, 2021
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 12oz
I just tried this tobacco for the first time in 30+ years. I agree with Smoking Pipes evaluation. For a "cheap" tobacco it's really good. Great flavor and room aroma. No problem smoking it to the bottom of the bowl. I'll definitely be... Read More
Paladin... legit
January 13, 2022
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
The black cherry note is awesome. Personally, my favorite aromatic flavor from the old time OTC blends. Delicious Burley with nutty, creamy coffee notes enveloped in a strong dead on black cherry topping. Delicious! The flavor rings true through ever... Read More
Old School
April 18, 2021
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
I really enjoy the feel and flavor of this one. Mellow cherry and smooth tobacco cooperate here to deliver a nice old timing smoker. Old times were good times!
Beautiful Flavor and Aroma
March 04, 2020
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
Wow, got lucky twice with pouches... This is surprisingly delicious. Smells like cherry Twizzlers... Beautiful room note. Starts out with great cherry flavor almost like Amaretto. Then transitions into an old school sweet and leathery "Grampa t... Read More
October 06, 2021
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 12oz
A blend named cherry .. you will smoke cherry !! YES !! You will get that taste of red delicious cherry with this classic blend . And here’s a surprise for you guys: a cherry tobacco doesn’t BITE😄😄 Enjoy!
Best Cherry Blend Yet!
June 09, 2021
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
I am not someone who’s ever liked cherry blends, in fact the only cherry plan I ever tried was Middleton‘s and I hated it. That was in 1970. Paladin is the first cherry but I’ve tried since then and I love it! It has a rich dark cherry flavor, I noti... Read More
Don't Forget PA
April 10, 2018
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
I found a70/30 PA forward mix necessary to deliver an acceptable smoke. Intense cherry flavor (not black cherry), finishes wet with dottle. Virtually no nic without doing the Prince Albert rescue.
September 25, 2018
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
Surprisiingly, turned out to be quite nice! Nice aroma, consistent burn-rate and no harsh after effects during the first few pipe-fulls.
May 13, 2024
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
March 11, 2023
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
A Must Try
September 04, 2022
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
I've smoked this blend on and off since the 1970's the flavor was never consistent until now. Scandinavian Tobacco Group now manufacturers this blend to perfection. I guarantee if you give this a try, it will end up in your favorites rotation. There ... Read More
This is the standard:
May 26, 2022
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
Excellent mechanics! Smoked beautifully in a small devil anse cob I keep for aromatics. Most flavor I have ever gotten out of an aromatic blend. Can't recommend it enough!
Your Grandpa's Cherry
May 10, 2022
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
Many of us started smoking a pipe out of a sense of nostalgia, trying to find an aroma we recalled coming from our Grandpa's pipe. If your Grandpa smoked a cherry blend, this will hit the nail on the head. It smells a bit artificial in the bag, but j... Read More
Lol ok yes Cherry candy
March 06, 2022
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
I know I am going to get fun notes for this one. I’m 50ish an started on a cob fishing on a river. Smoked this from 16ish just got c&d dark cherry Cavendish, taking a clue from comment on here mixed it first c&d mocha an then the mocha whit p... Read More
November 20, 2021
By: TK
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
Delicious creamy Black Cherry! Nostalgic lingering aroma. One of the best classic cherry flavor in the market. Simply soothing and peaceful!
In your face CHERRY
September 07, 2021
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
Yes, this is a cherry tobacco. Nothing subtle about it. If you want something that barely reminds you of cherry, look elsewhere. If you want intense cherry aroma and flavor, the kind of aroma that makes the neighbors a block away wonder why they c... Read More
June 02, 2021
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
Very powerful, black cherry flavour. Too much for my taste. I blended it with other tobacco and that helped a bit.
Avoid any tongue bite from wet tobacco
November 22, 2020
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 12oz
The steam from moist tobacco is the culprit of burning the mouth. Try spreading some moist tobacco on a sheet of paper for 10 minutes at a time to check out the dryness.
This Cherry Bombed
March 17, 2020
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
Cherry candy pouch note. Smoked well until the bite hit me just past the midpoint. That's about as far as I can go with a review. haha If I can't smoke it, I cant recommend it. I see some guys mixing it with Prince Albert and that may be the tick... Read More
Paladin Black Cherry
September 24, 2018
Product: Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz
This is just an OK blend. Some may like it. But to me, it isn't worth the effort to smoke it and avoid tongue bite. There are too many other better cherry blends out there for me.
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