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Like many skilled pipe makers, Giacomo Penzo came into the craft by way of industrial design. Such a background makes for a pragmatic approach to pipe making, the goal primarily being to craft a tool designed to work efficiently, but also one which exudes a sense of stylistic character, either grounded in classic shaping or something more aesthetically unconventional.

In both areas, Giacomo succeeds with grace and poise, creating a body of work which shows no shortage of variety in terms of influence across shaping schools, employment of various materials, and use of a wide range of styles and finishes. From Danish-inspired takes on the classics to more overtly Italian renditions, Giacomo's work certainly runs the aesthetic gamut, with each piece just as impressive as the last — in both form and function.

With years of artisan pipe making experience already under his belt, Giacomo moved to Ireland in 2019 to join Peterson as the Irish marque's Pipe Specialist. He consults in all stages of pipe making, whether it's helping refine equipment or evaluate a manufacturing process, yet Penzo still finds time to fashion his own G. Penzo artisan pipes, stamping each one with a mountain, shell, or flame to denote the finish.